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Create your organisation for free and benefit from 250 daily active users completely free of charge. Then connect up to five applications with ZITADEL. No credit card required and without any obligation.




Administrate your resources.

In the ZITADEL Console you can manage all your systems, users and service accounts together with their roles, permissions, login flows and metadata. Grant your team members permissions for specific ZITADEL Console functionalities and make identity and access management a great collaborative experience.


Explore our Console, the management UI for ZITADEL.

Console UI


Integrate your application.

ZITADEL is the best IAM platform to build your applications upon. ZITADEL combines a refreshing developer experience with uncompromising security and lightning fast performance. As such you can focus on your main tasks and build great projects.

Integrate ZITADEL in your application in a few minutes.

Use our recommended libraries for your project.

provider, err := oidc.NewProvider(ctx, 
if err != nil {
    // handle error

oauth2Config := oauth2.Config{
    ClientID:     clientID,
    ClientSecret: clientSecret,
    RedirectURL:  redirectURL,
    Endpoint: provider.Endpoint(),
    Scopes: []string{oidc.ScopeOpenID, "profile", "email"},


By default, ZITADEL stores your data in Switzerland only. Optionally, your data can be stored in another region (EU/US) or globally later in 2020.

ZITADEL is completely open source with an Apache 2.0 license. All processes and sources are openly available on GitHub.

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ZITADEL saves your data in Switzerland by default. Optionally, it can be saved in another region (EU / US) or globally at a later date in 2020.

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Open Source

ZITADEL is completely open source with an Apache 2.0 license. All processes and sources can be viewed transparently on GitHub.

Standards and Technologies.

ZITADEL relies on proven industry standards to ensure the greatest possible compatibility and security.

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